Enroute Stockholm

Kungsholmen, Stockholm

Kungsholmen, Stockholm

This week is my last week in Copenhagen at the Sustainability Science Centre and the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, before heading off to Stockholm to start my Carlsberg funded post-doc project on Socio-ecological drivers of global natural resource efficiency.

In Stockholm I will be working at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere program. This is one of three initiatives, that together with the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics, have joined forces under the Changing Planet umbrella.

I am very excited to start this endeavour into integrating macroecology with natural resource studies while at the same time trying to bridge the gap between studies of natural resource use centered in fields as disparate as natural, social and environmental science, economics and engineering. Too ambitious? Maybe. But I guess "who dares nothing need hope for nothing".

As part of the project I have made a commitment to start the adoption of open science-like approaches. Think GitHub and maybe even an open notebook on this site.


Stay tuned...