The first formal meeting of INNGE

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The first formal meeting of INNGE

We proudly announce the first formal meeting of INNGE, to be held at the 2013 INTECOL Congress in London this August (see meeting info here). The 2013 INTECOL Congress will be an exciting time for INNGE, as we are putting together a fantastic series of activities designed for early career ecologists—from students to junior professors.

Consider attending these INNGE-sponsored events during the 2013 INTECOL meeting:

  1. INNGE Early career skills workshops (Sunday, August 18th):
    • Planning a career in ecology (academia, policy, consultancy, industry, NGO)
    • How do I get my work noticed by being open: workflows, open lab books (Mendeley, FigShare, Open Access)
    • How to make a positive impact (communication; networking; social skills for scientists; almetrics)
    • Data Visualization: creative approaches to new challenges
  2. INNGE social night (Monday, August 19th): Come meet other ecologists and enjoy the London nightlife with us! Time and location TBA.

  3. INNGE Business meeting (Wednesday, August 21, 1-2 pm): Provide feedback and input into INNGE operations and learn about opportunities to get involved in INNGE-sponsored activities.

  4. Lunchtime INNGE presentations and workshops, which will have:
    • Monday: Pecha Kucha 100 questions with senior ecologists
    • Tuesday: Pecha Kucha Influential papers
    • Wednesday: Pecha Kucha “Meet the Societies” and INNGE Business Meeting
    • Thursday: INTECOL Workshop on social networks


Election of INNGE leadership

In addition, we are announcing a call for applications to INNGE’s new governing board (including Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasure)r; see a description of each board position here. If interested, please contact us at