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Reblogged from INNGE's blog, originally published on Wed, 09/04/2013 - 17:59


This blog post will briefly introduce INNGE's general mailing list, which you can join here . The mailing list is intended for the international community of early career ecologists, from students to young professors, and everybody with an interest in the activities of INNGE. Hopefully you will find the mailing list useful and take it into use right away.

The email discussion list is particularly well suited for topics and questions that could not be addressed using a local network. The whole goal of INNGE is to make better use of the resources in the early career community that are scattered around the planet. Maybe this list can help achieve part of that goal. The list is also a good venue for asking questions about INNGE and discussing activities you would like to see INNGE carry out in the future.

Get involved

After INTECOL in London many may be wondering how to get further involved in INNGE. Joining the mailing list is a good first step. Furthermore, a recent blog post posted right before INTECOL, provides further suggestions. The post also covers the coming transition from a self-organized working group to the election of a more representative board to guide INNGE into the future.

Basically, INNGE is a bottom up network and it relies on the creativity of everybody to suggest activities that INNGE should carry out. If you want to seek inspiration in activities INNGE has carried out in the past couple of years, this blog post will give you an overview.

Two more focused discussion groups on open ecology and increasing ecology’s interdisciplinary relevance are in the process of being set up and should become active very soon. In addition, there seems to be interest in better developing the career-oriented perspective of the network e.g. by collecting early-career resources, conducting early-career surveys, and through project and job aggregators.

Thank you

More than 100 early career ecologists signed up during the recent INTECOL meeting in London. Thanks to everybody for participating in the activities during the conference and for making it a very successful and important event for the network. All INNGE related materials from the conference should also become available online during the coming weeks.

Share your photos

Finally, please share your photos from the conference via our Facebook group. A Flickr photostream was also launched recently well suited to bring pictures from all the conferences INNGEcologists attend.